ITIL Awareness Training

“Paul Dooley provided an 8-hour ITIL overview training to my division. We were specifically looking for a curriculum that would cover ITIL basics within a one-day format, and Paul delivered. Paul made holding the training easy for us by setting his expectations for classroom clearly, providing class handouts for participants both in soft and hard copy format, and following up after the training with additional materials. His teaching style was rich in detail and balanced with the right amount of participation and questions. Our staff came away with a basic understanding of key ITIL principles, allowing our organization to begin conversations about change with everyone speaking the same language. I highly recommend Paul to any others for ITIL training needs!”​
Tom Benton, Chief Technology Officer, Sierra College, CA.  March 2017

ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Training

“The class was awesome and you did an incredible job instructing us!!” – ITIL 4 Foundation, June 2021 – William Harris, Service Management, Transunion – transunion.com

“Thank you Paul, very much appreciated!  The class was very helpful at getting the managers in my organization on the same sheet of music with regards to ITIL/ITSM.” Jeff DiGenova, Drector – Transmission Technology – Bonneville Power Administration. July, 2919

ITIL Foundation and Intermediate Certification Training

“Very relevant and useful. Highly valuable training that applies across the organization. Great instruction from Paul.” Judd Miller, Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA), Jan 2019

“Instructor was excellent. I expect to apply the ITIL framework to my role and relevant processes. A lot of great content, and great concepts”.  Jacqueline Ray, Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA), Jan 2019

“This is the best instructor that I have had in years. He is very knowledgeable. Keep this instructor please.” Elvia Hernandez, Service Desk, Tinker Air Force base. ITIL Foundation, Jan 2018.

“Thank you Paul for your valuable teaching and for providing supporting documentation and links.” – Krishna Kaipenchery, Corporate Incident Manager, Alberta, Canada. ITIL Service Strategy, Dec. 2017.

“I think you for instructing the ITIL SS class this past week. The ITIL education is valuable to me in a way of better understanding our business practices, the decision processes and opportunities for improvement.” Veronica Heans, Shared Servies, Canada, ITIL Service Strategy, Dec. 2017.

“It was a pleasure taking your course. I learned a lot of useful information that I can immediately use for our ITSM initiatives.” Lorena Mora- Martinez, Manager Enterprise Architecture, Information& Technology Services, Chicago Public Schools. ITIL Service Strategy, Dec.  2017.

“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to train us on ITIL concepts. We not only passed the test, but have gained a good understanding of the ITIL framework to apply and use in our department. We are actively working on ITIL traininggetting a Service Catalog published so that our users know what we offer and have matching expectations.Hope to learn more from you in the future!”
Aisha Mir, Sr. Systems Administrator at Thales Avionics.  ITIL Foundation.  May 2015.

“The class went extremely well. Paul is bright, knowledgeable, & competent. It’s easy to imagine an instructor for this material that could put someone on snooze control. But Paul kept it lively, never read from the slides (amazing!), provided good context & anecdotes, was able to answer questions very well, & helped us integrate the concepts within this offering as well as related courseware. I appreciated the frequent breaks, he managed time very well, & kept us on track. I was actually pretty impressed. I’d eagerly take another course from Paul.”
Jimmy May, MCM.  Microsoft, MSIT Principal Architect, Database.  ITIL Service Design.  March 2014

“Thank you for teaching this training. I got a 30 out of 40 score on ITIL Service Strategy Score. I will remember this for the rest of my life. I think it is good to be prepared for the future. Thanks again.”
Dennis Janicek – DISA – ITIL Service Strategy – 2013

“You are an outstanding instructor, and I really learned a great deal.  Thank you so much for the practical examples you provided”
Alan Estrada, Desktop Support Manager – Bio-Rad. ITIL Service Operation, April 2013.

“I really enjoyed your class and learned a lot from you. I hope I passed the exam. I will fill out the survey today with the positive comments. You did a great job.”
Ping Xia, UCLA –  ITIL Foundation – Dec 2012.

“Thank you for your excellent guides to the ITIL Foundation. I just received the result of my test and 90%! I passed!  I would like to move to the next Intermediate Lifecycle class and I hope I can see you again.” Ed Jin –  ITIL Foundation – Dec 2012.

“Just wanted to thank you for teaching a great class!  I will be putting to good use all the information I learned.” Lisa C. Blanda – Manager, Production Support.  Pacific Pulmonary Services.  ITIL SO Dec 2011ITSM Consulting

“Paul was a very organized, knowledgeable, and easy to follow instructor.  He provided information and how it related to other sections in the course.  Very good at making sure you understood the material.  I would definitely take more courses from him.”
Beverly – BAE Systems.  ITIL Foundations Oct 2010

“Paul is outstanding.  He was able to cover most if not all the critical materials in the lecture.  Along with the folks in the room, most if not all of us stayed alert because of his dynamic teaching style.  I’ve already made recommendations to my colleagues to take this course, specifically with Paul again.” Jean – Raytheon.  ITIL Foundations Oct 2010

“I have taken many professional development education courses over the course of my 20+ years in the Telecom business, and Paul Dooley is without a doubt, one of the very “best” trainers I have had.  He is absolutely top notch.” Carol – FTP Group.  ITIL Foundations Oct 2010

DevOps Training and Certification

“Thanks again for all your effort and taking the time to help us understand the material and answer our questions.  I thought you did a great job!”  Frank Valotta. Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Canada. Adopting DevOps in an ITIL Environment, June, 2018

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us the last two days!  We need a framework and a set of practices for DevOps, right now we are just throwing words around and don’t have the same understanding what it actually means (different tools, different places for source code). So the training definitely helped me to give improved educated feedback. I still have a long way to go, but it’s a start!” Jana Gunkel-Hopkins, American Water Works Service Company, Inc.  Adopting DevOps in an ITIL Environment, June, 2018

HDI Support Center Manager & Analyst Certification Training

“With Mr. Paul’s long experience in different sectors relevant to the course, it was full of practices and example to show how the material can be reflected in real life. He conducted many exercises within the course to ensure that we’re getting the ultimate value of the course.  Very knowledgeable”  Support Center Analyst, Los Angeles, July 2018

“Paul was very patient & knowledgeable as well as went through the course at an easy pace to understand.” Support Center Analyst, Los Angeles, July 2018

“Material and great instructor, came up of course with many valuable ideas for my organization and teamwork.” Support Center Manager, Los Angeles, July 2018

“Paul was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. He went through all of the important topics of the course and ensured we understood them before continuing. The activities were great, such as developing ways to improve certain processes; and he made them fun and easy to understand.”  Support Center Manager, Los Angeles, July 2018

“Paul’s tonality was perfect!  He is an awesome instructor who is very thorough.  Thank you for being in this business.  Your service is awesome.” Jill H, El-Bizri, American Golf,  Feb 2008
Support Center Analyst (SCA) Course

“Truly informative course.  Grateful and appreciative for the opportunity” – Yaron Weinberg, Cheesecake Factory – Sept 2015

“I’m glad we were able to interact with other people from different companies and get some good ideas to successfully structure our work atmosphere.”  Julie A. Gutierrez, City of Hope – April 2012

“Paul is awesome!  Very knowledgeable about the course.”
Staphon Arnold, Azusa Pacific University.  April 2012IT help desk training

“Paul was a great instructor who presented everything in an understandable format.”  Karen Carreon, Mercury Insurance.  April 2012.

“I am able to take the skills I learned here and begin using them right away!” Jenny Groody, Medical Insurance Exchange.  SCA Class Jan 2009

“Instructor kept our attention.  Very knowledgeable and energetic.”  Scott Riola, Superior Court of California, May 2008

“All topics were covered in depth.  Paul was a great instructor, very informative.”  Wendy Lopez, Mercury Insurance, May 2008

“Great Presentation!  Very valuable!”  Lung Chieng, Mercury Insurance, Sept 2007

“The instructor was very knowledgeable.  Thank you!  The class was well worth it, and I would recommend it to other supervisors in my organization.  Thank you again for a job well done!”  Mary Ann Lopez, Panda Restaurants, December 2009

Clear, concise presentation – easy to follow.”  Greg Harris, Sempra Energy, December 2009

“Very organized and professional.”  Antwan Beaugard, Deluxe Laboratories, December 2009

“Very good class for a new manager – I have valuable information to implement many new processes!”
Tina Sarslow, Paul Hastings – Support Center Manager.  April 2012

“Paul is an excellent instructor!  I plan on sending my entire team to HDI training.”
Rafael Castillo, Support Center Manager – Plantronics.  April 2012

“Paul did an excellent job!  Thank you.  I will recommend this class to any other help desk managers who may be interested.”  Larry Hall, American Honda.  Sept 2007

“Paul was extremely knowledgeable about the topics presented.  His tenure and work experience was beneficial to the group.  The atmosphere of the course was trusting because of Paul’s facilitation style.”  Ashley Reese, UCC Direct.  Help Desk Manager course, Feb 2006.

“Well structured, well presented and had appropriate amount of interaction”.  Harvey Welles, CEO, Inotech Systems.  Help Desk Manager class, Feb 2006.

“Paul is knowledgeable, with lots of real-world examples.”  Michael Runyan, Auto Club.  Help Desk Manager class, August 2005

Support Center Best-practice Assessments

QAD:  Support Center Assessment

Optimal Connections provided QAD with our Support Center Assessment service, enabling them to evaluate how closely their eight global support centers were to meeting HDI Support Center Certification standards.  The support center assessment was fast, cost-effective, and thorough. QAD global support received a comprehensive report that presented the results, including an executive summary, an assessment of how each of the centers did in terms of HDI’s SCC model, and recommended focus areas for each center. A detailed action plan was provided, with specific recommendations on how to address issues and prepare for future certification.

“I was impressed with the cost-effectiveness of the online support center assessment. We were able to identify several areas where we exceeded HDI standards, and some where we need to focus our efforts. Well worth the investment.”  Dan Pasquerilla – Manager, Programs Office, Global Learning and Support Services, QAD.

Examples of Other IT or Support Center Assessments Performed Include:

  • New York Life – Agent Customer Support Center (NYC)
  • Forest City (Cleveland)
  • Yahoo! (Santa Clara)
  • Plantronics (Santa Cruz)
  • WASP Barcode Technologies
  • ARI
  • Self Regional Healthcare
  • Hoag Health Network

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